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With over 50 years of providing specialty maintenance and industrial services nationwide, Groome Industrial Service Group has never been stronger, safer or more focused on the future than we are today.

We offer unique turnkey maintenance services to industries like natural gas-fired power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipping and manufacturing. From supporting heavy industrial HRSG equipment and installing airplane hangar doors, to painting shipyard cranes and full-scale plant clean-downs, our experienced in-house labor teams have helped to establish Groome as the maintenance provider of choice.

Our philosophy is simple: provide quality, innovative services at a reasonable price.

Expert engineers and technicians offer suggestions, insights and custom specifications that help our customers set realistic budgetary and time-frame goals. Our focus on safety, attention to detail, dedicated project management and straight-forward communication is evident throughout each project from initial planning to successful completion. 

50+ Years of Experience

We’ve had decades to perfect what we do.
Earned reputation. Delivered each time.

On-Schedule, On-Budget

Our in-house trained field service engineers deliver what you need exactly when you need it.

Solutions, Simplified

We deliver quality service as your reliable solution for an unreliable market.


We provide industrial service solutions to our customers that our competitors don’t… and can’t.

By offering specialty maintenance and industrial services to select markets like power generation, petrochemical, fossil fuels, manufacturing, aircraft hangars, refineries and pharmaceuticals, we have established ourselves as the vendor of choice in several industrial arenas nationwide.

“We respond quickly. We answer our phones. We do what we say we’re going to do and show up when we say we’re going to show up….” President, Josh Hankes

Hear more about Groome from our President, Josh Hankes and COO, Jeff Bause.

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